The Three Best Testosterone Booster Supplements in 2018
By Sporting Physiques
Updated on August 15, 2018

If you’re looking to improve your results both inside and outside the gym, using a quality testosterone booster supplement could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

The problem is that most T boosters on the market these days simply aren’t worth your time or money.

There are so many different products out there now that it can quickly become very difficult to separate the good from the bad, and the effective from the useless.

We’re going to save you some time – the key to any good testosterone booster can be summed up in one word: ingredients.

There are only a handful of products out there that contain the best ingredients at the correct doses – and we made it our mission to unearth them.

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Why Use A Testosterone Booster?

Did you know that testosterone levels in men drop by 1% each year after the age of 30?

If you’re working hard in the gym and making the right lifestyle choices but can’t seem to pack on as much muscle as the other guys around you, your problem could be testosterone.

Whether you’ve been diagnosed as having low testosterone, or you simply suspect that may be the case, using a quality testosterone booster can make make a dramatic difference to your results. It will help you to ramp up your energy, confidence and strength.

Here are the main benefits you can expect from a testosterone booster.

• Build More Muscle – It will be easier to build muscle
• Lose Fat – Shed those stubborn areas of fat
• Improved Mood and Confidence – The right nutrients will boost your mood
• Increased Libido – You’ll look and feel more masculine

Man and Woman
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Those are just some of the benefits of adding a quality testosterone booster to your regimen.

Of course, not all T boosters are created equal, and that’s why we’ve put together this handy guide featuring the three leading products on the market right now.

The Top Three Best Testosterone Boosters

Our team of experienced researchers have done all of the hard work for you to select the best testosterone boosters based on the ingredient formulas, customer reviews, company reputation and safety.

These products are our pick of the very best supplements on the market right now to help you boost your testosterone levels naturally.

1) Testofuel



If you’ve done any research for yourself, you’ve probably already come across Testofuel.

It’s one of the most popular testosterone boosters on the market right now because of it’s quality ingredients formula and solid reputation amongst customers.

Testofuel is made by specialist supplements company Roar Ambition and has plenty of hype surrounding it online.

The Ingredients

Testofuel uses nine different scientifically researched ingredients to deliver its testosterone boosting effects.

It’s the one product which contains all of our top recommended testosterone boosting ingredients around right now. They include:

• D-Aspartic Acid – By far the most potent natural testosterone boosting ingredient. One study showed that men who supplemented with D-Aspartic Acid experienced up to a 40% increase in testosterone.

• Magnesium – Magnesium battles against low testosterone by inhibiting the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin. This then helps to prevent it from negatively affecting your testosterone levels. Many people don’t get enough magnesium from their diets these days.

• Oyster Extract – This is one of the best natural sources of Zinc, which is a well known nutrient needed for healthy testosterone levels. Oysters contain up to 10 times more Zinc than a beef steak, for example.

• Zinc – An essential trace element which lots of people don’t get enough of from their diet. A Zinc deficiency is known to cause low testosterone levels.

• Vitamin B6 – This crucial vitamin is essential for testosterone regulation in the body.

You can seen the full ingredients label of Testofuel along with the individual doses below.

The full ingredients and doses of Testofuel

The Benefits

These are the main reasons why you’ll want to give Testofuel a go:

• Lean Muscle Gains – Build more more muscle mass
• Boosted Energy – Train harder and for longer in the gym
• Improved Confidence and Mood – More confidence around the opposite sex

The Drawbacks

• It’s a premium priced product. Because it contains a wide selection of quality ingredients, it’s more expensive than some of the other supplements on the market right now.

• You can currently only buy it on the official website, so you won’t find it in the shops or on other sites such as Amazon or Ebay.


Testofuel is the market leader when it comes to testosterone boosters and for good reason.

It contains the best selection of proven natural ingredients and has thousands of positive customer reviews to back it up.

The only slight downsides are the high price and the fact that you can only buy it directly from the manufacturer.

For more information and to buy now:

2) Prime Male


Prime Male

One thing we noticed when doing our research into the best testosterone boosters was the fact that many of the products seem to be geared towards younger guys.

What about older men who want to help turn back the clock by boosting their testosterone levels?

As we mentioned earlier, testosterone levels in men start to drop after the age of 30, and Prime Male has been designed to counteract this decline.

Prime Male is the leading testosterone booster designed specifically with older guys in mind.

It’s made a by a company called Propura and has been specifically formulated to help older guys increase their testosterone levels.

The Ingredients

Prime Male contains a very similar set of ingredients to Testofuel but with a few subtle differences.

Here are the main ingredients:

• D-Aspartic Acid – This potent amino acid has been shown to be able to raise testosterone levels in the body in various studies. It’s one of the main ingredients you should look for in a T booster.

• Korean Red Ginseng – This herb can boost testosterone levels and also work to improve erectile dysfunction. It’s been used in various herbal remedy practices for years.

• Luteolin – Luteolin plays a role in reducing estrogen production, and shrinking the female hormone could have a positive effect on testosterone levels.

• Nettle Root Extract – This ingredient helps to free up testosterone in the body by binding with Sex Hormone-binding Globulin.

Here is the full ingredients label for Prime Male.

Prime Male ingredients
The full ingredients label of Prime Male

The Benefits

These are the main reasons why you’ll want to give Prime Male a go.

• Boosted Energy – Train harder and for longer
• Improved Libido – Feel more confident around the opposite sex
• Build Lean Muscle – Increase your muscle gains while cutting fat
• Formulated for Older Guys – Combat testosterone decline from age 30

The Drawbacks

Despite Prime Male being the top testosterone booster for older guys, there are a couple of negative points.

• You won’t find it in the shops or on other sites such as Amazon. You can only buy it directly on the official website.

• It’s more expensive than some other products out there, because of the high quality formula.


Prime Male is the testosterone booster for you if you’re looking to combat the decline in T levels that begins after the age of 30.

It’s backed up by a quality formula and seems to be very well received by customers.

The downsides are that it’s a bit more expensive than other products, and you can’t get it in the shops.

For more information and to buy now:

3) Performance Lab SPORT T-Booster


Performance Lab Sport T-Booster

The next supplement on our list is Performance Lab SPORT T-Booster.

This is definitely one of the more unique testosterone boosters on the market right now, because it only contains a small number of ingredients, but that means it can deliver stronger doses of each one.

The Performance Lab range is the latest creation by specialist supplements company Opti-Nutra, and the new range has already been gaining a lot of notoriety thanks to their transparent formulas and clean branding.

The Ingredients

Performance Lab SPORT T-Booster has a short ingredients list but it’s a powerful one. Let’s take a closer look at the main ingredients in a bit more detail.

• D-Aspartic Acid – One of the best testosterone boosting ingredients around. D-Aspartic Acid has been shown to raise testosterone levels because it works to regulate the synthesis and release of sex hormones in the body. You shouldn’t pick a testosterone booster supplement that doesn’t use any D-Aspartic Acid.

• KSM-66® Ashwagandha – This is a Ayurvedic root herb which is used traditionally for both physical and mental performance enhancement. It can help to raise testosterone levels in three different ways, including boosting resistance to stress-induced testosterone decline. The KSM-66® version of Ashwaghanda this product is also a solid performance enhancer. It can boost strength and endurance during your workouts, meaning even more muscle and less fat.

• Mucuna Pruriens – Also known as velvet bean, Mucuna Pruriens can help to support healthy testosterone levels by starting processes in the body which result in testosterone production. It also acts as a mild inhibitor of prolactin, which is thought to reduce testosterone levels.

• Luteolin – Luteolin comes from Orange Fruit Extract and works by blocking the aromatase enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen. There are suggestions that Luteolin could be an even more effective ingredient for older men, because aromatase’s testosterone-to-estrogen conversion rate goes up as men get older.

Here’s the full ingredients label with the doses of the ingredients in Performance Lab SPORT T-Booster.

The full Performance Lab Sport T-Booster ingredients formula
The full Performance Lab SPORT T-Booster ingredients formula

The Benefits

Here’s a summary of the plus points of using Performance Lab SPORT T-Booster.

• Build More Muscle – Improved strength and workout intensity
• Improved Mood and Confidence – More masculine power and vitality
• Vegan Friendly – It’s the only product on this list that is suitable for vegans and vegetarians
• Clean Formula – Only uses proven and effective ingredients, in the right doses

The Drawbacks

• Like the other products on this list, you can currently only buy it directly from the manufacturer on the official Performance Lab website.

• The fact that it only uses four ingredients is good for simplicity, but it also means that some other good testosterone boosting ingredients have been ignored. However, the small ingredients list also means that it can deliver them in bigger doses.


Performance Lab SPORT T-Booster is the newest product on this list, but it’s well worth its spot.

It contains excellent doses of proven and effective testosterone boosting supplements and has been specifically formulated to support peak masculine performance.

The only drawbacks are the fact you can only buy it on the official website, and that some good testosterone boosting ingredients haven’t been included because of the shorter formula.

That being said, if you’re looking for a supplement to support masculine performance in all areas of life, then Performance Lab SPORT T-Booster is a very good option indeed.

For more information and to buy now:

Anything Else To Bear In Mind?

As we always like to remind our readers when it comes to any kind of fitness supplement, there’s no magic pill to get you your dream body.

You should always make sure that you’re training hard, eating right and making good general lifestyle choices before taking any supplement for the first time.

Testosterone boosters are a great way to help give your body some of the fuel it needs to produce more testosterone naturally, but they will only be effective when combined with a healthy lifestyle.

Your first port of call should always be to make sure that you’ve got your diet and training regime on point.

Only then should you consider adding a testosterone booster supplement to your regimen.

Wrapping Things Up

That brings us to the end of our guide to the best testosterone booster supplements on the market right now.

We’ve walked you through the things to look for in a T booster and have also picked out our top rated products.

Testofuel is our top rated general testosterone booster, while Prime Male is our pick specifically for older guys.

The newest product to hit the market is Performance Lab SPORT T-Booster. It’s got a solid formula and has been specifically designed to help you achieve peak masculine performance in all areas of life.

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